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The Book you have been waiting for!

In this new book, the focus is to help you learn the best approach to the tricky situations you may come across during your job search and interviews.

This isn’t some “101 interview questions” book that makes you memorize some generic answer. This book dives deep into how to structure your answer and helps you figure out the best strategy when approaching your interviews. 

Part job search roadmap and part interview preparation coaching, it is meant as a guide when you don’t have the time to do a full interview coaching session with me. 

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I wrote this book to answer the most pressing questions people have about interviewing, how to manage their job search, and the best ways to answer the difficult interview questions you might get ("Why are you looking to switch jobs?"). 

I am only able to work with a limited number of people a month so this book is the perfect way to get all the advice and knowledge you need to be successful on your time without having to book an appointment with me. 

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