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Ben Recommendation RIT Job Coach COOP
Bailey Recommendation RIT Job Interview Coach
Ben Mom Recommendation RIT Job Coach

Marisela Recommendation RIT Job Coach COOP
Jon Recommendation RIT Job Coach Coop
Justine Rochester Institute of Technology Coop

Rochester Institute of Technology Coop Coach

I had meant to tell you earlier! I accepted a spring summer co-op at Merck USA HUGE international pharmaceutical company, we I will be doing R&D as well as systems engineering. These two parts of engineering are my favorite, and the co-op is in the medical field. So I am really excited for this dream co-op because it puts me one big step closer to where I want to be in ten years.

They came to the career fair looking for a summer-fall co-op, but they were so impressed by the sell I made using your techniques that they decided to go through the long bureaucratic process of creating a spring-summer co-op position specifically for me!

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!

Clifford Sampson

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