You Have A Bad Recruiter If...

Or "How Recruiters Are Screwing You Over"

Let me start this off by saying that there are some excellent recruiters out there. I have the good luck and fortune of being able to work hand-in-hand with some of the best in the business and help them place candidates at great companies.   The candidate gets the job they wanted, the recruiter earns their commission, and I help someone turn a job interview into a job offer.  A win-win-win!

Unfortunately that’s not always the case.  There are many bad recruiters out there that are damaging and even ruining your chances at a better job.  Not only are they hurting your career path, they’re also affecting how much you earn and how happy you are at your job.   

Recruiters are important…..if you get a good one.  So for those of you who aren’t versed in the inner workings of recruiters, I’m pulling the open curtain for you.

Are you ready?  This isn’t for the faint of heart.  Once you know what is really going on, you won’t be able to go back.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Bad Recruiting Firms Deliver Very Little Value

Recruiting firms typically charge between 25-35% of your 1st year salary.  Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more (up to 50%).  What’s 25% of your yearly salary?  That’s what  a recruiter made for looking through LinkedIn for jobs and  being the roadblock, err, I mean middle man, between you and the employer. 

2. Bad Recruiters Don’t Care If YOU Get The Job Or Not

Most recruiters use the “spaghetti cannon” approach (shoot a bunch and hope one of them sticks).  A recruiter basically works for the hiring company so their job is to find someone to fill that job.  They don’t care if it’s you, the guy that came after you, or the one that they cold-called this morning.  They’re going to throw as many resumes as they can at the client hoping one of them gets the job.  As long as one of their candidates gets the job, they get the commission.

3. A Bad Recruiter Doesn’t Have Time To Help You

Tell me when was the last time a recruiter actually met with you face-to-face and gave you interview pointers?  And I mean real pointers not just generic “Show up early and ask good questions” advice. Unless you’re dealing with a good recruiter, probably never.  A bad recruiter is too busy cold-calling everybody and anybody in order to fill up that spaghetti cannon full of resumes with the hopes that one of them will stick (see #2 above). 

A good recruiter doesn’t have to bury their client with resumes.  They take their time finding a good candidate for the job and a good job for the candidate.  They coach their candidates, either themselves or by bringing someone like myself into the mix, so that even though they send only 1 candidate, that candidate has a better chance of getting the job. 

4. A Bad Recruiter Won’t Help You Negotiate Your Salary

Recruiters don’t have your best interests in mind particularly when it comes to negotiating.  The sooner you accept an offer, any offer, the sooner they’ll get their 25% commission check. They’ll try their best to get you to accept whatever it is you’re being offered and won’t encourage you to negotiate because they’re afraid the deal will fall through.  Even if they did try to negotiate, they don’t know how to.  Bad Recruiters are only good at cold-calling and praying someone they sent gets the job.

I help my clients negotiate pay raises anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000.  What would you do with an extra $30k?

5. You Can Be A Bad Recruiter And Still Make A Good Living

The average Experienced Candidate Salary is around $80,000.  Assuming your recruiter gets the average 25% commission, they get $20,000 whenever someone they refer gets the job.  Your recruiter only needs to place 5 people every year to make $100,000.  5 people!  Do you consider someone who can only get 5 people a year a job to be successful?  Of course not!  Even if some recruiters don’t make that much, they make enough to scrape by and continue giving terrible service and advice to unsuspecting victims. Do you really want someone who can only do their job right 5 times a year handle your job search?

BONUS REASON (Like they say, “Under promise and Over Deliver!”)

6. Most Bad Recruiters Aren’t Really Recruiters

Hello, World!

There are very few career recruiters.  Most bad recruiters are really just people who were previously unemployed or who got tired of their previous jobs and are “trying out” recruiting.  Do you want to take career advice from someone who couldn’t get a job or who doesn’t know what they want to do with their life?  If you do, then you’re getting what you deserve. 

Professional recruiters typically have several years of experience, are typically recommended by your peers, and stay at one firm for several years in a row. Keep that in mind before sending your resume to a recruiter.  

Now you know some of the secrets of bad recruiters.  Do you want to know the easiest way to determine if you’re dealing with a bad recruiter? Show them this list.  If they agree then you’re dealing with a good recruiter.  You can be really sure if they add some more items of their own to this list. 

If they moan and complain, then, I’m sorry to say, you have a bad recruiter on your hands.  Not to worry, I can recommend some excellent recruiters that can help you on your job search.  Just contact me.

Still think your bad recruiter is going to work out for you in the long run?  Have fun getting screwed over during your job search. 

Share this list with someone looking for a job.   Friends don’t let friends have bad recruiters.

Be Bold!


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