The Importance of Making a Good First Impression

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There’s a famous saying that goes: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” To people who are currently looking for a job, it means making an effort to leave a lasting mark. The goal isn’t to create a personality that you think hiring managers will love, it’s to present your true qualities in a way that would leave an impact and convince them that you are a worthy investment and a valuable addition to a team.

Why is it important to make a good first impression?

It allows you to have a better chance of establishing a network

If you’re applying for a job in networking, press relations, marketing, and sales, people and connections are your main resources and their first impression of you can make or break your chances of being accepted. Small Business notes that first impressions help set the tone for what you can do and what you represent. Your first meeting with hiring managers should be simple, casual, and direct. Think less about yourself and more about the people you’re meeting. Listen and ask questions so they know you’re paying attention. You want to be engaged as well as have THEM be engaged.

It encourages people to get to know you better

When you successfully leave a good impression, chances are, hiring managers will want to hear more about you. The moment that you step in, make sure you introduce yourself confidently but without arrogance. Shake hands firmly and be attentive when they start talking. Make sure you also dress for success so you can make an impact even before you’ve opened your mouth. Choose clothes that are practical and comfortable without looking too much like an advert. You also need to ensure that you arrive on time so that hiring managers can see that you value integrity and that you have the ability to follow instructions.

How do I create a great first impression?

Apart from dressing for success and arriving on time, there are other ways to leave a good first impression. 

Be thorough in all aspects of your job application

When it comes to writing your resume and cover letter, every single detail is crucial. Special Counsel in their guide to email cover letters explain how the smallest mistake, like a typo, can cost you the chance of getting the job. It shows the company you’re applying to that you don’t bother to check the details, which in turn translates to poor employee habits that would not be good for their business.

Express your intentions clearly

You only get a few minutes to try and convince a hiring manager that you’re fit for the job so you have to make every minute count. Don’t be afraid to share your goals and what you hope to achieve with the company, as it shows them that you value communication and transparency. Talk Business claims that you always need to be clear about how your services can be invaluable to the company. 

Be realistic

When most people tell you to be realistic, they’re trying to get you to go bring it down a notch. When I tell you to be realistic, I want you to reach for the sky and by that I mean that you have to realize that an employer would realistically want to hire a top performer…a top performer like you and they’re willing to pay for it. I’ve talked about how to negotiate your salary and explain how it’s become common for people to think that negotiating their salary ruins the prospects of getting a job. On the contrary, it actually allows your employer see that you really mean business.