Why your mantra should be "Better done than perfect"​

Have you been in a situation where you mean to get something done but as more and more time passes, the harder it seems to get it done? I have not written in about 2 months (maybe more) because I wanted to make sure that what I wrote was perfect. I have several topics in mind like the best time to find a job (spoiler alert: it's when you already have a job), a salary negotiation book recommendation, and how to ask for help. Don't worry, I'll make sure to send them to you soon. 

I've done at least 3 drafts for each one, reworded, edited, looked for the perfect picture, and edited some more. Every single time I thought I was finished a new thing would pop up and so would another reason why it wasn't ready to be sent out. All of this to say that another week went by without me publishing an article

Last week when my mentor asked me why I had yet to send out an article, I started to explain all the reasons, excuses, and roadblocks I had come across and before I could get started he stopped me with these words:

"Don't allow yourself to be in a situation where it's ok for things not to get done"

A crazy old man with a ponytail aka my mentor

Same thing goes for your job search. I've seen it many times where candidates are conflicted over a particular section of the job description and beat themselves up about not fitting the description 100% perfectly and end up talking themselves out of applying.   

There are probably a dozen jobs you've come across that you were actually perfect for that you said "no" to yourself before even applying. What's the better option? 

Apply and let HR do their job. 

It's not your job to decide if you're good enough for a particular job. That's HR's job. Your job is to make sure you do the best you can to position yourself as the candidate they're looking for. This can mean updating your resume, crafting your story, researching the company's real need, and developing your interview theme. It's better to have it done than have it perfect.

Repeat after me:

Better done than perfect.

Better done than perfect.

Better done than perfect.

Just to be clear, you shouldn't just half-ass either. You want to do as good as you can with what you currently have. 

Case in point, last week my good friend Ryan Foley from Foley Learning interviewed me for the Happy Humans podcast. The first two times we did it, the audio was not at the level he wanted so we did it a third time. Although the third time was better than the other two, it was still not the best. With a publishing deadline coming up do you think Ryan pushed it back with the hopes that the fourth try would be better?

Absolutely not. He worked on the 3rd recording, made it as good as he could and published it.

Better done than perfect.

So next time you feel like you're not the perfect candidate for a role, put those thoughts away, apply for the role, and let HR do their job.

Be Bold!


If you want to check out the conversation Ryan Foley from FoleyLearning.com and I had you can check it out HERE.   We talk about how to crush your next interview by turning the whole thing into a conversation. 

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